Containerized Understory Grasses & Herbaceous Species

Understory Grasses

These grasses and herbaceous species are typically found in the understory of Longleaf pine fire dependent ecosystems. They evolved with the Longleaf pine and help carry low intensity understory fires across these ecosystems. We recommend these species for understory planting when doing Longleaf pine ecosystem restoration.
For UPS shipments, the following charges per unit will be added:

Per 334 seedlings - $60.00

UPS shipments will be made once a week, beginning September 18, 2023, through March 25, 2024.

Shipments to N.C. Forest Service Distribution Centers will be made once a month, January 2023 thru March 2024. A charge of $8 per package/unit will be added to shipments sent to a N.C. Forest Service Distribution Center.